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    Blue light protection eyewear

    Blue light blocking 34%
    Visible light transmittance 99%
    UV light blocking 100%
  • Protect your eyes from computers, television, smartphones, games

    YUN BOHO PC is an eyewear specially developed to protect your eyes from harmful blue light that you might face daily using your smart phone, television, computer monitor, and similar devices. In this modern world, we are always surrounded by electronic devices. And as much as we need these devices, our eyes need the protection. That is why we gave it the name BOHO, 보호 meaning 'protection' in Korean.

    By optimizing transmittance of incident blue light, YUN BOHO PC helps you to prevent the age-related mascular disease. Our special ZeroUV technology blocks almost 100% of UV light so as to let users wear it for not only indoor, but also outdoor activities. It is suitable and comfy for all users, including first-time wearers, regardless of places, environments, and purposes of use.
  • What is blue light?

    High energy light reaching into your eyes

    Blue light is the most potent light with the shortest wavelengths and highest energy in the visible light spectrum, reaching right into the retina at the back of the eyes.

    Smartphones emit blue light

    There are many man-made blue light such as the LED display screens of smartphones, tablets, computers and other digital devices and they emit significant amount of blue light. With the ever-increasing use of smartphones, the impact of blue light on the eyes became a very near concern of us.

    Blue light can damage your eyes

    Long hours being exposed to blue light may cause eyestrain, dry eyes, headache, insomnia, as well as knock-on effect and disruption to the body's internal biological clock. It may also increase a person's risk of macular degeneration later in life.
  • Blue light blocking rate 34%

    Our BOHO PC lens offers around 34% filteration of blue light with precise clarity of vision, similar to standard clear lenses at around 99% of visible light transmittance. Completed with advanced coating technology, BOHO PC lens reduces lens glare. This allows for a more natural and aesthetic look like a standard clear lens.
  • Benefits of YUN BOHO PC

    Clear vision and crispy image
    Reduced eye strain and insomnia
    Vision care and anti-aging
    Reduced visual stress
    Reduced the probability of age-related macular eye disease
    Improved work efficiency
  • For your eyes, BOHO PC

    A smart choice for your eyes.
    Protect your eyes from harmful blue light.

  • Add BOHO PC to other frames

    You want to have BOHO PC lenses to other frames?
    Just choose your preferable frame and add BOHO PC.
    Extra 50€ will be charged.

    STEP 1.
    Choose a frame
    STEP 2.
    Click 'I want BOHO PC'