Details of Hana collection

The Korean expression 하나 - HANA - translates to 'one',
and also means ‘getting all opinions in one hand’.
The new collection pieces are just like that
- simple, but all the best functions in one product.
High quality material and finishing meets timeless design.

A thorough introduction of HANA collection
Classic, simple, and timeless design with the best functions

01 / 100% made of Titanium

Titanium for the rim, beta-titnium for temples and nose pads
The best materials for eyeglass frames
Used for everything from spacecraft to implantable medical devices
Extremely durable
Super light, thin and slim
Corrosion free
No color change

02 / Beta-titanium Nose pad

Nose pads made of beta-titanium
A sleek design to enhance your style
Slimmer than normal nose pads
No allergy and no corrosion by human sweat
Can be used semipermanently

03 / Extremely flexible temple

Temples made of beta-titnium
High tensile strength and flexibility to give extreme comfort
No allergy and no corrosion by human sweat

04 / Smooth and gentle hinge folding

Super thin Stainless steel washer inside of the hinge
to secure smooth hinge barrel movement
One tiny effort to make the best comfort

05 / Monoblock hinge

Hidden rimlock in the monoblock
Simple and sleek design
Minimum welding points using cutting-edge non-contact laser technology
No need additional welding, no crack

06 / Genuine German Safety Screw made by OBE

Speically engineered plastic material coated screws
Perfect solution to avoid screw lost out from normal open and close temples movement
Smooth and excellent movement of the joined components

07 / Laser-engraved YUN symbol

Gently marked YUN symbol on the left temple by laser engraving
A tiny exquisite symbol elevating the product quality

08 / Permanent coating

Ion plating, one of the most advanced surface finishing processes
So called 'Permanent coating'
Five to eight times better wear and corrosion resistance
Durable, wear resistant, chemically more stable and higher brightness
Beautiful gold, rose gold, white gold, silver, grey, black finishes

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