Photograph by Oliver Milster
Measure your eyesight with professional opticians
  • About the eye exam
    Qualified Augenoptik Meister and opticians will perform your eye test in refined and comfortable eye test rooms. It will takes around 10 minutes utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. Eye test will not be bothersome anymore and it will be a fun and joyful experience with YUN. Please make an appointment online and make the eye test at the reserved time.
  • Notice
    • You can book an eye test either online or at the store
    • The prescription for contact lenses cannot be used for glasses so you need to have a regular eye test for your glasses
    • If you are wearing contact lenses, we recommend to take them out at least 30 minutes before the eye exam
    • Our optician will adjust your new frames to be fitted on your face
    • We suggest to get the eye test in every 2 years
  • Please contact us for immediate answers to questions: