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If you're thinking that 2019 will be the year you finally become a yogi, then look no further than this post we've created to ease you into the practise.


During the holidays we tend to indulge in food, wine, treats and allow ourselves to take a step back and relax.. We might feel unbalanced and rusty and a desire to bring body, mind and heart back into balance, to get strength and positive energy for the year ahead. And what is better for that than yoga?

Each yoga style is different and varies in strength, focus or technique so every person can find and practice the yoga style that they desire. We recommend you read about the different yoga styles before stepping on the mat. After, you can try it out, different styles, classes, levels or teachers. For a first orientation here is our incomplete, yet gentle, yoga Studio Guide to Berlin:

YOGA FÜR DICH | Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg & Schöneberg

If you are looking for a physically demanding yoga practice rather than a deeply spiritual one this is your studio. At the beautiful, sunlit studios they teach Power Yinyasa Flow, a young and dynamic yoga style that is more western influenced but still rooted in India. Highly effective yoga positions are linked in a flow of sequences and combined with a powerful method of breathing. It is challenging for both body and mind, yet also relaxing and meditative. The offer also includes Yin Yoga and Pilates classes and intense beginner courses partially refunded by health insurance. There always is tea, water, and snacks, but what is best is that in summer classes are taught outside on the huge rooftop terrace with a 360° view over Berlin.

Open classes for all levels / German only with occasional English input / mats and aids at no extra costs  / four trial classes 30 EUR, one trial class 10 EUR / Urban Sports Club partner

PEACE YOGA | Kreuzberg

The ground floor of a typical loft building is the home of the spacious Peace Yoga Berlin studio. Here you will be practicing Jivamukti Yoga, a dynamic and modern style where spiritual yoga roots are deeply incorporated, as well as Yin Yoga and restorative Yoga classes. Specials are a weekly meditation and yoga philosophy session each Sunday, dedicated workshops and guest teacher classes. Peace yoga strives to create the studio space as sustainable as possible, environmental friendly and vegan, with organic snacks and beverages on offer. A true home for sustainable minded yogis.

Open classes for all levels / German with optional English input / mats and aids at no extra costs  / trial month for 39 EUR / Urban Sports Club partner

SPIRIT YOGA | Mitte, Charlottenburg, Zehlendorf

Spirit Yoga describes not only  a beautiful studio but a yoga style too; a way of teaching old yoga traditions through a realistic, free-spirited and lively method. Challenging, transformative and meditative at the same time, it bridges traditional and western influenced yoga styles. The variety of classes caters to all demands, from powering Vinyasa Yoga, soft moonlight classes, or yoga with a spinal focus. Spirit Yoga is also known for its retreats, regular workshops and guest classes from star yoga teachers. All three locations have an overall relaxed atmosphere, an offering of tea and fresh fruits and a wellness area in the Zehlendorf location offering massages after your practice!

Open classes for all levels / German only / mats and aids at no extra costs  / three trial classes 25 EUR / Urban Sports Club partner

YOGI BAR | Friedrichshain

Located in the busy heart of Friedrichshain Yogi bar is a beautiful studio space, and is a home for mind, body and soul. They teach in the tradition of Hatha Yoga, with a modern and close-to-life approach, and show how yoga techniques and wisdom can help you keep calm. Every class is suited for all levels, focuses on clean alignment and flowing sequences and finished with deep relaxation. Homemade and healthy superfood snacks and bowls can be enjoyed after class or taken home in glasses – yummy.

Open classes for all levels / German and English / mats and aids at no extra costs  / Three trial classes 29 EUR / Urban Sports Club partner

SUN YOGA BERLIN | Friedrichshain & Kreuzberg

Do you like it hot? Nothing stimulates body and senses as much as hot yoga, as the warmth enables an effective and gentle muscle and stretch activity but also stimulates the bloodstream, strengthens the heart and intensifies natural detoxification of the body. Bring a towel, a huge water bottle and head to SUN Yoga where they teach Hot Yoga, Hot Vinyasa, Hot Yoga-Pilates and Hot Yoga-Qigong. Both studio locations are truly vast, bright and hot, naturally. Time to get sweaty!

Open classes for all levels / German and English / mats and towels cost extra  / eight days trial period 20 EUR / Urban Sports Club partner

This is only is a small scratch of Berlin’s great Yoga studio landscape – other favorites are Jivamukti Yoga (probably the hippest studio with the most English classes), Iyengar Yoga Studio Kreuzberg (bright, clean Iyengar studio with loft charm), YOGA delta (a Kundalini hotspot) and many more. As it is important to personally connect with the studio and find one that it is close to your work or home (as you probably won’t find yourself travelling across town for yoga often) check your neighborhood as a small, lesser known but perfect-for-you studio might be just around the corner.