The world of intimate dining- a look at supper clubs.

Photos: Images from Muse


The world of private dining and underground restaurants.


Supper Clubs have become a synonym for modern dining. What is behind the phenomenon and what makes it so special? We took a closer look on the menu.


A brief history to exclusiveness, Bohemia and taste

Supper clubs have a long tradition. For centuries, supper clubs have brought together people in a sphere of exclusiveness and intimacy. Still their origins are not so clear.

Some say the idea was born in London in the 19th century, when a new law forced restaurants and pubs to close shortly after midnight. And so, supper clubs played host to the new home of Bohemia and art. A place for “both ladies and gentlemen of the theatrical and kindred professions”

Other sources say that the early times of supper clubs are based in early 20th century America. And they give two very contradictory explanations: Because of the financial crisis and the great depression in the 1930s a dinner at the restaurant had become a luxury.

Communal dining and food sharing in private homes became a creative way to enjoy a good meal, a nice conversation and leave the sorrows behind for a while. On the other hand ladies and gentlemen of the high society have always enjoyed meeting in exclusive and elite atmospheres to network and dine. And who knows what important agreements have been made on these tables.

Whether supper clubs were a nest for bohemians, a shared dinner for the poor or a show-off for the “good society“, these concepts all have two particular things in common: they were exclusive to a small peer group. And this eventually provided a sphere of intimacy and safety, that shapes the aura of supper clubs today.

It’s all about the food: Supper clubs today

Today, hobby foodists and cuisiniers have brought the concept of supper clubs to new life by inviting people into their personal homes or to special off-site locations.

Since the early 2000s there has been a boom of private dinings from New York to London to Berlin and they all share one big mission: they want to provide a great evening and even greater food.

The menus differ from a focus on regional products, to fusion cuisine with ingredients from all over the world. Nothing is too special. It’s all about the unique experience and delight apart the regular.

So, at the same time supper clubs have also turned into an ideal opportunity to enjoy terrific menus – for a reasonable price. In comparison to restaurants, most of them live off the idea of non-professionality. The chefs are people with a deep passion for cooking, but often with completely different jobs in the daytime. By becoming a chef for one night, some may live out their personal dream. For others, it is more about exploring the unknown.

And this eventually leads to another little spicy extra, that make modern supper clubs so fascinating. They bring different people from all fields of society together in one home.

People, who may have never met before, but who are united by their love for good food.


Studio Aperitivo- The Art Of Conversation

Studio Aperitivo is one of these lovely occasions. Sören and Arianna founded their supper club in 2018. Their communal dinners are dedicated to the art of conversation and the spirit of memorable gatherings.

“We want our Supper Club to bring people together for an evening“, they say. „Food can create a feeling of community – even if it is only for a night.

Studio Aperitivo is about having a great time – and without food some people would never come together. This is the most exciting aspect for us“. Studio Aperitivo invites their guest to change locations everywhere in Berlin.

The multi-course menus include combinations like green apple, kohlrabi, pecorino and nut or cauliflower steaks with creamy potato, fennel and pickled onions. To find out more, visit their website and follow Studio Aperitivo on Instagram.

From Supper Clubs to professional cooking

Thyme Supperclub has been part of Berlin’s supper club scene for years and helped shape it from the early beginning.

Caroline and Tobias, a young European couple with a longtime passion for food, wine, cooking and entertaining, as they describe themselves, invited guests to their apartment in Prenzlauer Berg.

Soon, they received so many inquiries, that their apartment became too small. So, founded Muse Berlin a lovely restaurant based in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg.

From Monday to Friday they serve a changing menu of simple, delicious food made with passion and attention to the smallest detail. From time to time guest chefs are invited to enter their kitchen and also Thyme Supperclub occasionally finds a place here.

Dinner dates, or: Date and Dine 

As it is a speciality of supper clubs to bring people together – at and offside the dinner table, it is not surprising that they also have become a great opportunity for singles to meet with potential partners.

Therefore, apps like bumble have created special dinner events, where their users get the chance to meet with others in real life. No screen, no swiping, but real humans and real conversations in a tasty surrounding. And isn’t it said: the way to a person‘s heart is through the stomach?

Worth a try

It might need a little curiosity and braveness to enter the intimate sphere of private dining. But give it a try and you will fall in love with the concept of supper clubs. They can create a feel of home in the anonymity of the city and offer a delightful rest daily routine and hectic.

Be curious and dine.