Photos: Anika Paulus
Staying cool in the summer heat.


Nobody will deny that the last weeks have been one thing: hot. And while some suffer during the heatwave, others indulge in these endless summer days. Lucky for those who are living by the seaside, but those who live in a city like us, despair not. Even in a heat-struck metropolis like Berlin, refreshments are hiding in each corner. We’ve drunk liters of water to stay hydrated, spent days in the shadows of parks and at lakes, and then we went out with YUN’s hot summer collection to face the heatwave in style. 

If you consider yourself a coffee aficionado, you’d want your daily fix of caffeine no matter the heat. Luckily, the coffee scene gets very creative in summer and comes up with various coffee drinks for every taste. Stay classic and simple with an iced Filter or iced Americano, more intense with a thick, almost creamy cold brew on the rocks, or try the Italian way with an Affogado – a creamy scoop of vanilla gelato dropped in an hot Espresso. Enjoy a slushy, sweet yet cold Frappé or get the extra refreshment with a coffee soda or tonic. They’re easy to fix for yourself at home even, or head to your local coffee shop and check their summer menus – staying cool with every sip.

Fresh tip: Iced Filter and Frappé @ Bonanza Coffee

Summer and ice cream are a perfect couple (Link: YUN Journal Ice Cream), and as we do love the creamy and chocolaty sorts, the rise in temperatures makes us long for fresher ones: popsicles – just like back then when we were kids, but these hand-made popsicles do come in higher grades for grown-ups too. Imagine all sorts of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and juices, the ice cold bits that slowly, really slowly melt in your mouth. Dense, fruity, and without any additives these gourmet popsicles are mouthwatering, literally. 

Fresh tip: Hand-made popsicles @ Paletas

It’s so simple, yet so good! Just put your favorite fruit or berries in the fridge or even freezer! The cooling effect of an ice cold, crispy slice of watermelon, a cold but creamy piece of ripe banana, of frozen berries is extremely underrated. Those small frosty bites are healthy, delicious and refreshing, and might be the perfect summer snack for every given time. 

Fresh tip: Home made frozen Blackberries

Just close your eyes and picture this: a huge pool filled with cool water, the sun reflecting and throwing shadows on the ground, dreamy, glimmering in the heat. Diving in and under the water, only the cool liquid is surrounding you, the heated voices muffled – heaven. Getting back up, fresh and feeling like a newborn, you stretch out on a towel. The unique noises of an open-air bath in summer seem more and more distant, and you doze off, dreaming of the ice cream and fries you will get later, after another refreshing dip.

Fresh tip: Dips, Art & Fries @ Tropez at Sommerbad Humboldthain

Drinks are mostly served best cold, yes, but summer calls for an extra dose of coolness. Please meet the perfect summer drinks – slushies! Imagine your favorite drink, but this time it comes half frozen, with tiny bits of crystal ice in the glass, so cold you can almost not hold it; a deliciousness as a frozen G&T, or a Frozé, only very slowing melting in your glass and mouth. You sit outside, feel like the hot summer day slowly turns into a lovely summer night, and everything is just perfect.

Fresh tip: Frozen Delicacies @ Mr Susan