What is like to have a dog in Seoul? Where is our favorite spot for a walk? Is this city pet friendly? Come follow our day and find out!

Photos: HyeJin Park

Name: JangGoon (Korean name meaning the general)

Type: Shiba

Age: One and a half

Color: Cappuccino (mix of light brown and white)

Likes: Eating everything under my nose, Tommy the neighborhood doggy friend, sleeping under the sofa

Hates: Running, mom and dad tries to kiss me on the face, things that are made of black color


7:00 A.M.

JG is still sleeping below my feet. I gently brush his belly and wake him up. Get ready for the morning walk. The scorching sun or the extreme  cold cannot stop us. We are always out there. 365 days. Warming up the car and heading to the nearest Han river park.

7:20 A.M.

We are at the park. Park is clean and quiet around this time. The Han River has its lawns along the river side by south and north. This is the perfect place for us to walk, run and chase the pigeons. We feel the brisk air of autumn together.

8:30 A.M.

Coming back to home. I feed JG. I might be hungry but my buddy must always be full. It costs but I try to give him the quality dog food made in the organic farm of Canada.

JG is much happier after his meal. I am the only one who is little bit tired. JG immediately comes to me with his toy in his mouth. But I have to go to work now pal!

12:00 P.M.

Stop by at the house for lunch. JG gladly welcomes me with his wiggly tail and starts jumping.

I guarantee this is every dog owners’ favorite moment.. Dogs never change. Only people have mood swings and complicated minds. This innocent creature sometimes makes me humble…

7:00 P.M.

After dinner, it is play time with Tommy! Tommy is the neighborhood dog. Only two houses share the one corridor, so we have an agreement with our neighbors to open our front doors so that two dogs can run around as must as they want to. Humans comes second when a true friend comes along.

9:00 P.M.

Now it’s everybody’s quiet time. Get chill and relax. JG likes to lie down with his four feet in sideways or completely showing his belly and rest on his back. At his most tired days, he is under the sofa where nobody can see him and never moves a single toe through the night.



In Seoul, there are a  very limited amount of off-leash parks. And the ones that exist are usually not very big. Boramae park has the biggest off-leash park. Dogs cannot be freed, but Han River Park is the biggest and easiest to get by from wherever inside Seoul. Yong-San Family Park is also a good place for a walk.

Restaurants & cafes:

Dogs are not allowed in most stores. You should always double check beforehand by calling the place. But places that welcome dogs are rapidly increasing , so that’s good news. Usually the store name with “dog café” is the small indoor space where dogs can freely run around and mingle while people are served with beverages and watch their dogs playing. But if your dog is sensitive, it can be a stressful environment so be aware.

Attitude towards dogs:

Frankly I would say Seoul is not the best place to have a dog. Especially for big buddies.

The majority of city dwellers are living in condos and the average size of the dogs here are quite small. People are new to big dogs and generally have not had enough opportunity to be in touch with them.. Many people get scared easily. But the good news is this biased opinion toward dogs is rapidly changing  thanks to the media. Still, it is good to pay attention by studying walkers’ facial expressions, to see whether they are familiar with dogs or not.

But you know, once you fall in love with any dog, obstacles can be easily ignored! We just need the cute barking. Woof Woof!