In the middle of a vast field on Jeju Island, you will helplessly pull out your phone to capture millions of beautiful lights flowing rhythmically with the wind in awe.

Starting next week, Jeju Light Art Festa (LAF) is ready to shine, literally.

The light artist Bruce Munro presents a large-scale installation and sculptural pieces in  9,800 square meters of natural fields, which means almost anywhere you look, there will be a light quietly and harmoniously shining in a low tone.

The artist strongly believes the power of scenery and the emotional reaction to it. On Jeju, he once more tries to express these beliefs by using the inspiration that came from the traditional symbolic elements of the island: wind, rocks, and haenyeo (female divers). As the artist’s main keywords for his works are scenery and light, a mixture of glass, optical fiber, acrylic and LED make an artificial stem to be planted in the ground and becomes a part of nature.

Sometimes staggering along with the wind, sometimes standing like a rock as if it originally grows from the field. And although it is technically not alive, it is just as soft, strong and nimble like a haenyeo of Jeju island.

Imagine yourself standing in the middle of the installation. Your eyes will busily chase a myriad of light bulbs but soon you will sense the nature. The smell of the field, the darkness of the sky and soft hues will fill your senses so full that you’ll never want the night to pass.

JeJu Island Light Art Festival
27.July – 24.October 2018
115-1, Seongyo-ro, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea