This week, Seoul-based writer, Hyejin, explores we struggle to get a good nights sleep and provides some tips on how you can catch some z's.

Photos: Hyejin Park

(2 minute read)

I love nights. Absolute quiet and tranquility exists at night. Night hours are special and magical. At night, when we fall into deep, dreamless sleeps. Stress from the day  is healed and our exhausted body and soul regains energy. We feel refreshed with every slumber. It is the ultimate relaxation.

However, us modern day people, it seems, are constantly lacking  sleep for various reasons. No matter how successful you are, without enough sleep, happiness feels unattainable. Desire for sleep is the number one among all human needs, insomnia is notorious for its relentless misery.  Without quality sleep, we fall victim to a whole host of health, memory and stress problems. Whilst when we get a good night’s sleep, we can feel invisible and ready to tackle anything that comes our way.

So what is the secret to this apparent super power? And why the heck can’t we nod off?

Clear off your mind

we must try and switch off. Millions of thoughts and worries tend to seep in as we lie in bed. A tip is to limit your time to have those thoughts, say you set 15 minutes to think about your concerns before you sleep, for example. Write everything that disturbs you on paper and soon you will realize all of your worries fit on a piece of A4 and your head might feel a little clearer.

Write down

When you have hard time falling asleep, don’t try to go to sleep by force. It may sound obvious but write down five thankful things happening in your life. Our dreams are very closely related to the thoughts we have just before falling into sleep. Horror movies are not a good idea. Go for a good book instead. Bad dreams interrupt your sleep quality, whilst positive writing will set your mind at ease and peace.

Avoid blue lights

Put down your cell phone, turn off your TV. Instead, read and turn on quiet music. Electronic devices are full of blue light which disturb the sleeping hormone – melatonin. Also, when using electronic devices, protect your eyes and your body’s natural clock by wearing protective glasses like our those in our BOHO series. Lenses like these protect your peepers from nasty blue light and those late night scrolling sessions. In turn, you can expect a better nights sleep.

Total darkness

Make your room dark. Melatonin is active for two hours before sleep. So, set your lighting level according to this hour. Your bedroom should be lit with very warm light where possible. If it is bright like the day, our body recognizes it as day time  and confuses our hormones. Our body is programmed to be sleepy 15, 16 hours after we first get the sunlight. So when you wake up is also deeply related to that day’s bed time.

I wish everyone has sweet dreams tonight.