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Berlin has restaurants to suit every palette. If you're sustainably minded and like to eat as ethically as possible, then read our guide on some of the best sustainable food spots in the city!

How to eat and drink your way round Berlin, sustainably.


Berlin has cafes, restaurants and coffee spots to suit every palette; from all-vegan eateries, to contemporary cuisine and (how could we forget) falafel kebab joints on every corner. In the truest sense of the phrase, there is something for everyone.

If you’re vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or simply care about where your food comes from, then Berlin’s sustainable dining scene definitely doesn’t disappoint.

We’ve rounded up our favourite sustainable, ethically-minded spots to eat and drink at in the city.


Brammibal’s Donuts

Brammibals is a bakery with a difference; specialising in handmade vegan donuts and ethically sourced coffee, it is the first all vegan donut shop in Europe and with three different locations around the city, they’re not slowing down any time soon. At Brammibals you can find a range of freshly made classic, seasonal and down right delicious donuts. They are hand rolled and baked, free from preservatives and use high-quality ingredients, but get down quick because they sell out fast!


Isla Coffee

Located on the bustling Hermanstraße intersection, Isla Coffee is a beautiful, cosy cafe serving speciality coffee and brunch. What makes them stand out from the plethora of third-wave coffee spots in the city, is that they strive for a zero waste concept; minimal food, water and package waste is their aim.

With a personal commitment to sustainability, the owners at Isla use practical means to reduce waste, all while serving warm, delicious, quality coffee.


No58 Speiserei

Another of Neukölln’s gems is No58 Speiserei. This vegan-vegetarian cafe serves up organic, homemade soups, sourdough, gluten-free goods and incredible cakes. The cafe strives to use as much local produce as possible and even let you know exactly where your coffee and cake come from at the beginning of their menu.



Located in Kreuzberg, Viasko is a 100% vegan-eatery serving up a seasonal menu of warm salads, pasta dishes, desserts and vegan wines. They pride themselves on producing and creating everything in house.

Viasko’s weekend brunch buffet is a favourite among vegans, so book a table to enjoy bottomless scrambled tofu, beans, toast, roasted vegetables, pastries, cakes and more!


Katz Orange

Following a holistic approach, Katz Orange is a restaurant that takes inspiration from its nature and current surroundings. With a seasonal menu and a mindful philosophy, you can expect to taste dishes like sweet potato with cashew, spare ribs, quinoa falafel and white chocolate cheesecake- all of which can be paired with a sulphite- free wine. Dreamy.


Ataya Cafe

Ataya is a 100% Afro-Italian, vegan cafe, nestled in a peaceful corner of Prenzlauer Berg. With a cosy interior, Ataya want to make you feel totally at home.

They even offer a catering service where you can order freshly cooked sandwiches, pizzas and pasta dishes, all of which can be made to order.



Kopps welcomes its visitors to indulge in a locally sourced, seasonal, healthy menu, where you can enjoy creative vegan dishes, fine wines and delicious desserts. You can also enjoy fine food and good company for a very fair price at their ‘come together’ evenings which take place Monday to Thursday 6pm-7.30pm. Here, you can meet new, friendly faces and enjoy a three-course many for just €19.


La Stella Nera

If you love authentic, wood-fired, delicious pizza (who doesn’t?) and are vegan, then Stella Nera is the answer to your Italian, food-filled dreams.

This small restaurant specialising in vegan pizza, pasta and bruschetta is often packed out with couples, friends and notably, non-vegans! The pizzas and pastas taste as creamy and rich as ever, despite the cheese being homemade from mostly nuts. 

The inspiration behind La Stella Nera stems from a belief that a vegan lifestyle is the best thing from an ecological, political and animal rights stance. So if you’re vegan, you know you’re in good hands here, and don’t forget to bring along you’re friends- whatever their diet!



MOMOS is a dumpling restaurant with a difference; all of the dumplings made and sold are veggie, organic and homemade! With zero preservatives and no additives, green electricity, and compatible packaging, MOMOS is committed to the sustainable message.

As well as delicious dumplings, you can enjoy soups, smoothies, coffee and salads.


Good Bank

Located on Rosa Luxemburg Straße, Good Bank is the original “vertical-farm-to-table” restaurant. Here you can see the vegetables and salads grow in the restaurant in little green house environments, so you can literally watch your sandwich and salad fillings grow right before you!

The initiative hope to one day be totally food self-sufficient and with their self grown salads, they are firmly on the sustainable path already. They’re now taking pre orders if you need a speedy (and totally sustainable) lunch.


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